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Bob Kuwahara’s “Barker Bill” post

One of the “Holy Grails” of cartoon comic strips turned up in the Google News Archive! Direct from the Greensburg Daily Tribune we bring you some of the dailies that appeared in 1954-55, signed by Paul Terry, but drawn by Bob Kuwahara. Bob created “Marvelous Mike”, which has been reprinted almost complete here on this […]

Bob Kuwahara’s Terrytoons Comics post

Hi Folks, this week I’m going to ask a few questions about Bob Kuwahara, who drew the Marvelous Mike strip that we feature each week. He worked for Paul Terry in New York and later was part of the Gene Deitch Terrytoons and Bill Weiss shops, where he created Hashimoto the Mouse for theatrical release. I […]

Itza Christmas post

Here’s a beautiful drawing by one of our most faithful supporters, and a donor to the cartoon short, “Some Other Cat”. It’s by Nicolas Martinez, of Chicago Ill. He draws Itza Cat just about perfectly, I love Itza with the candy cane in his mouth, looking like a striped cigar! Look at that beautiful texture […]

Christmas Presence post

 It’s hard to believe that the Catblog hasn’t had a new post since October! So I’m present, front and center for the Holidays. This is a Christmas card rough featuring Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, the famous Internet video felines. What? You’ve never heard of them? Well get over to You Tube and do a […]

Moreno and Wick 6-1926 Jr. Times! post

 Here’s some strips from the L.A. Junior Times from June 6th to the 27th, 1926. I heard from Mario Manuel Prietto, Manuel Moreno’s grandson! In honor of that letter, I’m putting up a whole month’s worth of Manuel’s Jr. Times Comic Strip. Go back a few posts to : “Introducing the L.A. Jr. Times, 1922-23” […]

The Junior Times Marches On! post

 Continuing our new series on the L.A. Junior Times from 1924, I found a Hardie Gramatky front page drawing called “Knight-Life on the Ark” published 3-16-1924. About 9 years later, in March of 1933, Hardie was animating on “Father Noah’s Ark” in Ben Sharpsteen’s unit at Walt Disney Productions, so here he was predicting his […]

John Bohnenberger, R.I.P. post

“John The Magician” by Catherine Hill John Bohnenberger’s version of “John The Magician” John’s Divisionist Still-Life A Rare Written Statement about John by John. What can you say about such a dear friend and great watercolorist as John Bohnenberger. He left us early in January, but his work will always be here. He belongs with […]

Adios to Mike! post

Boy, I hate to be rushed, but Alan Holtz’s Stripper’s Guide is posting SYNDICATE PROOFS of Marvelous Mike from Cole Johnson’s collection. So rather than be completely scooped, I’m going to print the concluding story line of MARVELOUS MIKE in one post. Well, that’s the story. Bob Kuwahara’s job as the first story sketch artist […]

Hot Post post

Folks, it’s hot out here in Glendale. Fires are burning in the hills, all the way out to Acton and Palmdale. Let’s cool down with a few old comic strips. Up first is NIZE BABY from 12/18/1927. Louie brings in a sailor-trained parrot into Baba’s broadcast and creates havoc on the air when the parrot […]

Post Toasties post

I came across a small collection of Milt Gross’s “Nize Baby” from 1927 and 1928, mostly from the Los Angeles Examiner. This week’s strip is from 4-10-1927. I don’t have a scanner big enough, so I took digital photos and tried to enhance them as much as I could. These pages are literally falling apart, […]

Go to FLIP! post

Hi everyone! My wife Catherine Hill is the Featured Artist this month in the February issue of FLIP! FLIP is an on-line magazine devoted to the “Lifestyles of the Hunched and Goofy”, edited by the eminent animator, director and webmaster Steve Moore. Here is the address:! Head over there to read an article which […]

Thanksgiving Comics post

Hi Ya Pals, Happy Tanks’Givin’. I couldn’t resist reprinting this TV ad from the old St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1956, promoting “The Cisco Kid”. I especially loved the beginning of each episode: “Here’s Adventure! Here’s Romance! Here’s That Robin Hood of the Old West, The Cisco Kid!” Of course Pancho, played by Leo Carrillo, was […]

Flebus and Iwao post

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading a proof copy of a new autobiography by Iwao Takamoto and Michael Mallory called: “Iwao Takamoto: My Life With A Thousand Characters”. It’s going to be published next year by the University of Mississippi. I will admit that I’m not the greatest fan of Iwao’s character designs, but I have […]

For Your Reading Pleasure post

Hi Reader(s), in this crazy world it’s hard to tell if we will be with each other from one week to the next, so without further adieu, here are this week’s comics! The final page of the final published Mangy story: “Mangy’s Stormy Night”, from Mad Raccoons #7 leads off. Mangy was only trying to […]

Tracey, Tracey, Tracey post

  Hi Everyone, Here’s the next seven episodes of “Marvelous Mike”, 3-17-1956, then 3-19 to 3-24-1956. These vary in quality, but I think can be deciphered by most lovers of comic newsprint. These strips are indicative of the Madison Ave. era of the 1950s, when jingles and catchy ad slogans were too much with us. […]

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