L.A. Junior Times March 1927

artists-meeting-3-27-27.jpg Here at last are the L.A. Junior Times comics from March, 1927. I ran a few comics from junior cartoonists who DIDN’T go on to fame as animators or strip cartoonists, but did some pretty good stuff anyway. I like Berk Anthony’s drawing about the Artist’s Meetings, especially when he does jokes about his fellow cartoonists such as Bob Wickersham (” ‘Wicky’ looking for an idea”) I like the “Karikaturist at work” surrounded by curious juniors.

spring-is-here-wick-3-20-27.jpgtjc-de-lara-drawing-3-13-27.jpg Here’s a prize winning cover by “Wicky” from 3-20-1927 and a Times Junior Club promo by future animator Phil De Lara. Phil stayed with the Junior Times into 1930, producing a lot of strips and filler drawings, such as the three episodes of “Hezy Tate” below and his panel feature “Pearl Handle”.

hezy-tate-3-6-27.jpghezy-tate-and-i-ellis-3-20-27.jpghezy-tate-and-morey-reden-3-13-27.jpglucky-lem-3-6-27.jpglucky-lem-3-13-27.jpglucky-lem-3-20-27.jpgpearl-handle-3-6-27.jpgpearl-handle-3-13-27.jpghighshine-joe-3-6-27.jpgbug-house-fables-3-20-27.jpg Here you will also find drawings and strips by Morey Reden, Bill Zaboly and I. Ellis doing a strip about “Willyum Tell” for his occasional feature, “Incidents in the Lives of Famous Characters”. I also threw in a couple of panels illustrating “Variations on a Single Theme”, by Scott Crosby and Bob Phillipi, showing Boy Cartoonists struggling to get an idea for the Junior Times. I know nothing about these two guys, but maybe Bob Philippi was some relation to Charlie Philippi, the Walt Disney art director in the 1930s.

myrtle-5-12-to-5-17-47.jpg Myrtle is from 5-12 to 5-17-1947 this time. I especially like the 5-14; Freddie sits on a chair his wife has just decorated with a few flower paintings and tries to hide the wet paint on his clothes by standing in Myrtle’s “time-out” corner. The 4th panel of the 5-16 has a funny drawing of Junior with his stomach bloated by golf balls he’s swallowed, and the 5-17 has a subtle gag, a conspiracy between Mom and Myrtle to get Freddie to wash the dishes by giving Mom a manicure just after dinner. Watch this blog for a little Christmas post coming soon.

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