Scout In Her New Home

scout-in-her-new-home.jpg A reconnaissance photo of Little Scout in her new house in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles County. I’ll bet she’s looking for her leaves, but there’s naught but palm fronds in front of her. She’s obviously getting comfortable with her new place, so that’s what counts.

krazy-kat-3-9-3-11-to-3-14-42.jpg Krazy from 3-9 to 3-14-1942 is missing the 3-10 strip, anybody have it? The 3-9, 11 and 12 strips are looking forward to Crockett Johnson’s “Harold and the Purple Crayon” books, as Ignatz and Offissa Pupp draw trees and a rock on the paper in front of them and then hide behind them. Ignatz even draws himself in the 3-12 and his drawing is so lifelike it fools Offissa Pupp. The ability to simulate real trees, mice and rocks simply by drawing them on the paper you live in is rife with possibilities. I’ll bet the 3-10 strip was part of this dream-like continuity.

felix-2-26-to-3-4-34.jpg In Felix, from 2-26 to 3-4-1934, Felix helps the reformed burglar to escape the Dooit house by taking the blame for him. Felix is put out of the house in the 3-3, just look at the sympathetic pose on him in the second panel, Chaplin’s influence on Messmer is very much in evidence. The burglar does Felix a good turn by letting him back in the house, such is the redemptive power of kids remembering you in their prayers! The Sunday has Felix still visiting the home of Jupiter Pluvius and creating havoc with the weather by falling asleep on the weather control buttons! Felix, wake up!

myrtle-11-30-to-12-6-47.jpg Myrtle is here, from 11-30 to 12-6-1947.  I love the 12-2 as Myrtle’s Mom bounces on the bed in defiance of her own orders to Myrtle; now we know why Myrtle is such an irrepressible tomboy, she inherited the tendency from Mom! Dudley Fisher has fun with distorting his drawings of Myrtle and Sampson as they try on Freddie’s glasses in the 12-4, “no wonder he doesn’t wear them”.


yogi-2-9-64.jpgyogi-2-16-64.jpgyogi-2-23-64.jpg The Yogi Bear Sunday pages by Harvey Eisenberg continue, this time from February, 1964. I love the gag in the 2-16, as the Ranger and Yogi’s snow boot buckles hook together. In this same strip we learn that Ranger Smith’s first name is Frank! There could be an insider gag here, as Frank Smith the animator was a very popular guy in the 1960s L.A. animation scene. I wonder if they still make rubber snow boots with the metal clasps anymore, I still have a pair. The guinea pigs in the 2-23 are typical Eisenberg cute little animals, sweat drops and all. In the 2-2 we get to meet the Ranger’s wife and little son, I don’t remember any TV cartoons that featured the Ranger’s home life. Remember to check Yowp’s blog at for the half-page versions of these Yogi Sundays in black and white with his informed and informative commentary. Comically yours, Mark.

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