Your Comics Page 7-27-2013

 myrtle-9-2-to-9-6-47.jpgWell, here’s Myrtle from 9-2 to 9-6-1947. 9-1 is missing and didn’t turn up in the Newspaper Archive files. Bingo’s door opening skills are really put to the test in the 9-4, and Myrtle and her Dad switch clothes in the 9-6. Next time, we re-join the clipped run of the strip, hopefully there won’t be any missing ones. krazy-kat-12-8-to-12-13-41.jpg Krazy Kat this time is from 12-8 to 12-13-41. Continuity this week mainly features Offissa Pupp’s ability to balance Ignatz’s brick on the end of his club. You’ll notice that I doubled up on the 12-8, since the KFS copy was creased, making the third panel rather hard to read. I also inserted the 12-11 from Newspaper Archive files, so it isn’t quite as sharp as the rest of the strips.                    felix-4-11-to-4-16-49.jpg            Felix is from 4-11 to 4-16-49 this time, all from a clipped run. Moocher and Felix go in to the detective business in the 4-14, but only mistake innocent citizens for crooks.  yogi-8-4-63.jpgyogi-8-11-63.jpgyogi-8-18-63.jpg yogi-8-25-63.jpgIn anticipation of Yowp’s post next month, here are the Yogi Sundays from August, 1963, clipped from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  The 8-25 is my favorite of this batch, as Boo-Boo’s tooth is no match for the rear axle and differential of a full size Acme truck! Yowp will have the half-page versions of these strips coming soon. Give that old dog a visit. In the upcoming month, I will do a brief essay on retirement and other topics of interest to inveterate cartoonists.

4 Responses to “Your Comics Page 7-27-2013”

  1. joe c says:

    Hm can’t get that last Yogi strip to enlarge…

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Joe,
    Don’t know what happened. That’s why I hate computers, too unreliable. I re-loaded the last Yogi page, it works on my end, see what you get.
    Best regards, and thanks for reading, Mark

  3. I can’t seem to click on the “Myrtle” strips. I had to copy the image URL to enlarge it. Same with the Krazy and Felix.

    The Yogi strips work fine, though.

  4. Mark says:

    I went in and re-loaded all the daily strips, and tested them. They all enlarge fine, now. Since I loaded Mozilla Firefox, a few things work differently than they did with Internet Explorer. But Firefox works so much better and faster on most other stuff, that I’m lettin’ it ride. Thanks for reading Charles, Mark

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