Month: October 2014

Your Comics Page 10-31-2014

 felix-6-25-to-7-1-34.jpg In Felix 6-25 to 7-1-1934, the story of the scarecrow bandit continues, Felix and his Yiminy Farm animal buddies capture the crook to the amazement of Pa Yiminy. In the Sunday, Felix continues his Arctic adventures. His usual dilemma is trying to stay warm; at first he plugs up the igloo chimney, then finds that being juggled on the end of a sea lion’s nose is very warming. Remember to click on the smaller strips, to see them full size.

krazy-7-6-to-7-11-42.jpg In Krazy, 7-6 to 7-11-1942, Garge does a whole week of animal puns. My favorite, Krazy’s “Kat Langwitch” in the 7-6. He clarifies that an “allium cepa” is the “Siam Tiffic name for an onion”. There are two, count ’em, two “Gnu” gags, the 7-11 one inviting the reader to provide the answer to a riddle.

myrtle-3-29-to-4-3-48.jpg In Myrtle, 3-29 to 4-3-1948, there is a week of general hub-bub around Myrtle’s home town. My favorite is the 4-3, as Myrtle’s dog Bingo is convinced that his lady love Lillian is waving to him from her window, when she’s really just drying her nail polish! The 3-29 is a close second, as Myrtle blows her Mom’s cover and waits for some non-existent cookies.

yogi-november-1964.jpg Here’s Yogi Bear from November, 1964. The 11-29 isn’t very PC by current standards, but the Indian designs are cute, and I like Yogi’s attitudes as he slips and trys to gain traction on the ice. A close runner-up is the 11-22 final panel as Yogi goes into spasms of pain from being hit on the shin by a rug-beater. In the 11-15, Yogi swipes a chapter from Stepin Fetchit’s gag book, as the “laziest bear in the world”, he blends jumping beans in his pancake batter so that they flip themselves. You can see the top tier of these Sunday pages on Yowp’s blog very soon. Go to  and check out his comments as the great Harvey Eisenberg continues to inspire you with world-class cartooning.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been doing household maintenance stuff, painting and sanding the back steps and fixing some windows in the downstairs shop that have not seen a coat of paint in more than 22 years! I hope you all have a real great Halloween and don’t eat too much high fructose corn syrup-laced treats. Also, keep away from that “liquid candy”, namely booze. Or as we say in Halloween speak, BOOOOOze. I’ll be seeing you soon.

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