Month: March 2022

Mascot Felix Serves the Wealthy

Here’s Felix from 12-4 to 12-17-1933. In the dailies, Felix sells himself for 5K to Homer “The Boss”, a very wealthy stock speculator, preventing Mr. Dooit from selling the family house. Felix is not happy with being Homer’s mascot, but he brings “The Boss” luck, so the Good Luck Cat is in servitude. I like the little poignant touches like the last panel in the 12-12, as Felix has no appetite because he misses Danny and the old house so much. Danny and Chipp miss Felix in the 12-14 so intensely that they declare “ice cream wouldn’t taste like ice cream with Felix gone”. In the 12-10 Sunday page, Otto trots out the old dachshund and the rolller skate bit, and in the 12-17, inspired by O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi”, Danny and Chipp sacrifice their football and drum in exchange for bottles of milk for Felix. I love panel 9, as Felix gets cozy in Santa’s snipped-off beard. This period of the Felix strip is just about the peak of Otto’s 1930s style, strong blocky shapes for the humans, and a few simple circles for Felix’s body and head. Enjoy these, thanks for your letters! Mark

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