Month: July 2017

Your Comics Page 7-20-2017

Dudley Fisher’s art is up to it’s usual standard in the Myrtle strips from 1-17 to 1-23-1949. The Sunday page is a lot of fun, showing the whole family listening to a mystery program on the radio together, just before television started to muscle in. No DVRs either, or an interruption from friends wouldn’t have been such a big deal.
Krazy is from 4-26 to 5-1-1943, and once again the World War encroaches on the story line. This time it’s booby traps, I especially like the 5-1 as Offissa Pupp unwinds about 70 yards of fake mouse tail from under the box.
Felix is still time-travelling in the stone age in the 4-16, and being envious of Danny Dooit’s celebrity in the 4-17 through 4-22s. I love the way Otto draws the dinosaurs in the 4-16, sort of like Winsor McCay, but less of a feeling of bone structure and simpler shapes. The cave man reminds me of Elzie Segar’s drawings, and the greeting card made of stone is a harbinger of the Fleischer Stone Age cartoons of 1940.
I haven’t updated the old Catblog in several months, but who cares? I have no readers, and never hear from any of you. Of course, Itza and I would LOVE to hear from you at, but I’m sure you’re too busy to write. My screening at the Union hall back in May was not too well attended, about 26 people showed up. In June I did a show and animation workshop in Ojai. I made the bonehead play of all time when I packed up all the film equipment and cables for the show, but forgot the FILMS! A friend loaned me a bunch of his 16mm prints, which we ran instead, and it was just as well as we drew a massive audience of ONE, a very nice lady named Dorothy. So as they said in the old Hal Roach comedy “A Lad and A Lamp”, “the small time’s not so hot anymore”. Not even the kids care about cartoons anymore, at the Union hall the only child in attendance spent most of the show in a corner punching his iphone.

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