Mabel Can Only Be A Sister To Jimmy

Here, dear readers, is the return of George Herriman’s “Now Listen, Mabel” from 6-9 to 6-21-1919. The strip started April 23, 1919 according to comic strips historian Allan Holtz. A good friend has found some of the earlier episodes of Mabel and is sharing them with us. In the 6-10 strip, the phrase “Now Listen, Mabel” is uttered by a handsome stranger who takes Mabel away from Jimmie and his rival. There might be more such uses of the strip’s catchphrase if we ever find the first month and a half or so of Mabel. Jimmie Doozinberry, as in the rest of the Mabel dailies, is constantly frustrated by Mabel’s seeking safety in numbers and relentlessly playing the field with many rivals for Jimmie’s affections. Mabel just wants to be a “sister” to Jimmie and a parade of other men. Jimmie in desperation talks Mabel’s brother Tom in to adopting him as his brother, thereby becoming a brother to Mabel as well with full visitation rights. We’ll see how that turns out in time. If you seek out the post, “An End and A Beginning”, you can see the earliest “Now Listen, Mabel” dailies published by the San Francisco Examiner, starting 7-28-1919. The Catblog will try to fill in the gap in Mabels from 6-23 to 7-26-1919 very soon. A Happy New Year to you all.

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