Month: August 2016

Happy Birthday from Li’l Bub!

lil-bub-says-happy-birthday.jpg The world’s most famous cat, besides Felix, Li’l Bub, makes her first appearance on the Catblog! My dear wife, Cathy, made this charming pencil sketch of the zany little cat and put her left paw up in a gesture echoing the traditional Asian cat statues you see in restaurants and shops. Most readers of this blog are no doubt already well-versed in the land of YouTube cat videos, BUT if you haven’t seen Li’l Bub, here’s a link to one of our favorite videos featuring her unique face: .  She has eyes like a Keane painting and a Snuffy Smith tongue! Once at YouTube, you can find dozens of other videos that will teach you more about her origins and health issues than you will ever want to know.  Oh, I didn’t get any balloons or a cupcake, but a lovely sugar-free peach pie! Cathy always makes my birthday a special one.

felix-2-12-to-2-18-33.jpg Felix is from 2-12 to 2-18-1933 this time. In the Sunday, Felix continues his adventures via crystal ball into the world of the year 2000. Messmer predicts that robots will be doing all the drudgery, (not illegal workers), and that skyscrapers will be built so high that the upper floors will be beyond the pull of gravity! The dailies resolve the story of Danny Dooit’s ill-fated stint as a messenger boy. Felix puts his considerable brain to the task, and completely subdues the jewel thief who holds Danny prisoner. Danny gets a raise in pay and a hundred dollars in cash as a reward. Will he share if with Felix? Next time we’ll find out.

myrtle-11-15-to-11-20-48.jpg Myrtle is from 11-15 to 11-20-1948 this time. Dudley Fisher’s gag timing is very evident in the 11-17, as Sampson finds that the reluctant dog Bingo has neither manners nor pride. I also like the 11-20, as Susie is convinced that she is going to be ill, and Myrtle un-“veils” the problem in the last panel. No Sunday this time, all copies were blocked.

krazy-2-22-to-2-27-43.jpg Step up to Krazy, from 2-22 to 2-27-1943. The Kat langwitch is very evident in the 2-24, as Krazy thinks that a Bactrian camel is twice as “med” as a Dromedary. I like the 2-26 as well; Krazy kries as her Kreaking, Kracking, Kar actually Krokes because it needs a Krutch. The Kangaroo in the 2-27, bears a striking resemblance to Don Kiyoti in last time’s batch, same type of needle nose and ears, but with a pouch and a long tail. Come back soon for more gems from Herriman’s pen.

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