More “Barkers” From Yowp

barker-bill-10-18-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-19-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-20-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-21-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-22-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-23-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-25-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-26-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-27-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-28-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-29-54.jpgbarker-bill-10-30-54.jpg Thanks to Yowp, who downloaded these strips, here are the Barker Bill dailies from 10-18 to 10-30-1954. In the last blog post, during the 10-8-54 strip, Barker Bill  speculated about Dog Biscuit’s resemblance to a TV personality. That would have to be Dave Garroway, who was known for his big smile and dark, horn rimmed glasses. Dave was the host of NBC’s Today show from 1954 to 1961, so this would have been during his heyday. In these strips, Dog Biscuit the horse, breaks his glasses and loses the race, upping the odds on Glue Foot, the slowest horse. Glue Foot wins, and “Longshot Louie” pays off to Barker Bill!

felix-4-15-35.jpgfelix-4-16-35.jpgfelix-4-17-35.jpgfelix-4-18-35.jpgfelix-4-19-35.jpgfelix-4-20-35.jpgfelix-4-21-35.jpg Felix, from 4-15 to 4-21-1935 continues his adventures on the tropical island. Felix has to babysit the big ape’s little ones, but the ship is not far behind and spots birds flying toward the island. Will Felix be rescued? In the Sunday, Felix continues to stick to Dreamland, and rescues a little fly with the help of the Giant’s glasses.

krazy_vintage2-24-41.gifkrazy_vintage2-25-41.gifkrazy_vintage2-26-41.gifkrazy_vintage2-27-41.gifkrazy_vintage2-28-41.gifkrazy_vintage3-1-41.gif In the strips from 2-24 to 2-19-1941, Krazy casts his bread upon the waters, and Ignatz gets away with a brick toss during Offissa Pupp’s “see no evil” routine. Ignatz spends time in Jail and razzes Pupp in the 2-29.


Scanned off my collection of clipped Yogi Sunday pages from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, are the December, 1961 strips. Go over to Yowp’s website and read his notes on them, then kindly come back here, click to enlarge, and read them in color and mostly half-page size (the 12-3 is only third-page).

Patrick this time, finishes off the strips from 1966, 12-27 to 12-31. Nathan is going stir crazy, and Patrick tricks Godfrey out of a dime at the same time that Godfrey tries to collect $10.53 from Patrick. Patrick promises that Godfrey’s new year will be as miserable as 1966 was in the 12-31. The Post-Dispatch did not publish on Jan. 1st, 1967, so the next Patricks will start with the 1-3-67. I hope to do a special Christmas post next time.

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  1. charlie says:

    I am enjoying these strips, Felix,Krazy,Barker,Yogi—thanks for sharing–charlie

  2. I’m really enjoying the Patrick strips. Something I look forward to everytime I visit your blog.

  3. Hey Kaus….Happy Holidays….Keep up the great blog. Love your Christmas card drawing!!!! Can’t wait to see the next MEOW picture,

    Susan and the Valley Kid

  4. Rodinei Campos da Silveira says:

    All the Yogi Bear Sunday pages from December 1961 were drawn by the legendary Harvey Eisenberg (the “Carl Barks from Hanna-Barbera”) and inked by Joe Messerli.

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