Scout’s On A Bug Hunt!

scout-on-a-bug-hunt.jpg All you fans of little Scout the leaf lovin’ cat will enjoy this great storytelling photo. Scout’s on a bug hunt in her new Culver City home! This picture was sent from the iphone of Ericka Stockwell, one of my good neighbor Belle’s grandchildren. Ericka really loves Scout and her other orange tabby named B.J. Thanks for keeping Scout’s admirers up to date, Ericka!

myrtle-1-5-to-1-10-1948.jpg Another batch of “Myrtle” dailies from 1-5 to 1-10-1948 from the pen of the unmatched Dudley Fisher! In the first three, Freddie devises a clever way to dispose of a chi-chi vase that Susie won at a bridge tournament (does anybody under the age of 70 play bridge anymore?). Snoggons’ rare Alaskan dog, Ebuceci is running a fever and Myrtle makes a ridiculous funny face in the 1-10.

krazy-4-13-to-4-18-42.jpg Krazy is doing telephone gags for the most part of the week of 4-13 to 4-18-1942.  It’s small “wunda” that Garge’s Krazy Kat has so seldom been successfully animated. Look carefully at Krazy’s face and “boda” in these strips, his head changes shape and the eyes are handled differently in almost every panel. I love the abstract look of Krazy’s head in the third panel of the 4-14, and that pose in the third panel of the 4-18 is indicative of Herriman’s complex thinking about simple problems, as Krazy’s right foot winds sinuously about the table leg. It’s also interesting how props like tables, beds and so forth sometimes seem dimensional and sometimes look like they are pasted on the wall. What power Garge possessed, no matter how he drew his characters and settings, they always look right.

felix-4-2-to-4-8-34.jpg Danny Dooit and his brother miss Felix a lot, but he comes back to them in the strips from 4-2 to 4-8-1934. Messmer carries the continuity well from preceding weeks, as Felix still has the roll of discarded oil paintings he got from “Rembrandt” the artist. Those paintings really come in handy in the 4-6 and 4-7, as they make Mr. Dooit look like an art connoisseur to the senior partner in Mr. Dooit’s office. Felix is once more responsible for bringing good fortune to Danny’s family. In the Sunday, Felix visits the star (planet) of “Pisces” the fish. It’s an underwater planet filled with piscatorial delights until an octopus shows up. Felix constructs a ladder of fish bones to escape to another star, again very reminiscent of the Felix cartoons of the 1920s.

My computer’s operating system, Windows XP has now been officially orphaned by Microsoft, and will no longer be supported or updated. They have implied heavily that my computer will no longer be “safe” from threats and attacks. Their remedy for this, buy a whole new computer that will support the touch screen type interface included in their newest operating system, Windows 8.1. I don’t feel “safe” in continually touching the surfaces of complicated electronic devices to get them to do things, and I especially resent a major megawealthy corporation telling me to go spend money I haven’t got on new computers I don’t want! My old Dell Dimension works just fine, thank you, Microsoft! To Microsoft, 13 years is a “long time” to support one of their “older” operating systems. Not so very long ago, most appliances lasted much longer than that, some of them more than 50 years. I own a Bell telephone that’s more than 50 years old, and it still works better and sounds better than any iphone! These corporations want to trick us onto the Merry-Go-Round of computers and ipads, get us all comfortable and cozy with them, then pull the rug out after 13 years and make us spend another 500 bucks on still another “improved” computer. Makes you sorry you ever got into it. What would A.J. say about all this!?

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  1. 13 years!? Man, Mark, think yourself lucky! These corporate hacks want you to burn through $1.5K devices in 3-5 years max. Thanks for the Scout update, always glad to hear our feline pals are content.

  2. I found this article on how to use XP now that it’s longer supported. Hopefully it can help you.

    Scout’s adorable. Thanks for keeping us informed on her status.

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