A Gentle Touch


charlotte-and-fitz-in-the-litter-box.jpg The Catblog presents actual cat pictures! This week it’s a cat named Fitz being petted and visited by little Charlotte. Charlotte is the great-granddaughter of our dear neighbor, Belle. Charlotte’s just a little over one year old now, and seems to be a budding cat fan. Her other cat friend, Scout, should be familiar to you; she’s appeared a few times on the Catblog. I just love how gently Charlotte’s small hand brushes against Fitz’s soft fur in the first picture. Fitz is a rescued cat, and is very friendly and well-socialized. Belle just loves these pictures and thought that you would enjoy them too!

felix-9-10-to-9-16-34.jpg Felix continues to try and be adopted in the strips from 9-10 to 9-16-1934, but runs afoul of a nearsighted man who can’t read the reminder note from his wife to feed Felix. Felix leaves the house in disgust when the nearsighted man can’t even look down to see him. Suspense is set up by the 9-15 strip as Felix finds what seems to be an abandoned house to live in. The Sunday page continues Felix’s expedition in the artillery shell as he drifts to another island inhabited by a coconut hurling ape. This looks like a friendship in the making, we’ll see.

myrtle-6-14-to-6-20-48.jpg Myrtle is from 6-14 to 6-20-1948 this time. The gags are charming and some have the Dudley Fisher timing I’ve spoken so often about. The cookie jar gag in the 6-18 and the shower curtain for the birdbath joke in the 6-19 are good examples of the Fisher timing. The Sunday entitled “Cool off, Freddie”, showcases one of the early whole-office air conditioning units. These were no doubt a novelty in the immediate post-war years and this one seems to work very well. Even the birds talk about being part penguin, they take to the cool temperatures so rapidly. Would this have been a Trane unit, a GE or a Lennox?


 The Krazy strips this time are from 9-21 to 9-26-1942 with the strip from 9-25-42 missing. Does anybody have this one?

Our faithful reader Gerd Heinlein has supplied the 9-25-42 strip! He’s come to the rescue before and we really appreciate it! Thanks, Gerd!

The 9-21 addresses the rubber shortage as Krazy starts to call a passerby a “Rubba..(neck)” and the rest of the cast shout, “Where?” In the 9-25, Garge draws the “Carats” as if they were turnips! The 9-26 uses gas masks as proto-Halloween get-up. Krazy and Ignatz scare each other away when they try them on.  Garge draws them almost as if they are old-fashioned stereoptican slide holders. The gas mask was a holdover from the World War One years. Well, that’s our blog for this time, see you soon.

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  1. G.Heinlein says:

    I have the missing Krazy strip (1942 09 25), but don’t have your e-mail address anymore…

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks G. Heinlein! My email address is kausler@att.net. Thanks for helping out.
    Mark Kausler

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