Another Pesty Post


This time, Felix meets the Clutching Hand of old time mystery fame. In strips from 11-2 to 11-8-1936, Felix is locked in a haunted house with the Hand. These are fine examples of Otto Messmer’s adept depictions of the mysterious and hauntingly ethereal ectoplasmic denizens of the subconscious, in other words, good spook stuff. In the Sunday, you will notice that the art is NOT by Otto, but quite possibly Tom Palmer or Joe Oriolo. The designs of the supporting characters in particular look like something out of a color Van Beuren cartoon, like a Molly Moo Cow or Toonerville Trolley short. 1936 was the year that the Van Beuren closed shop, and some of his last releases were Felix the Cat color cartoons. So maybe Otto let some unemployed Van Beuren staffer handle a few Sundays for him?


Krazy this time is from 4-22 to 4-27-1940, and Mimi the French Poodle (?) wanders back into Coconino (in the 4-24) to eventually teach school again. Offissa Pupp is too fat for Mimi, and there is a rather subtle gag in the 4-27 concerning Krazy’s gender confusion. Mimi has mistaken him for a tomcat, (this time). Mimi, along with her male predecessor, Kiskidi Kuku, are some of the strangest characters that Garge ever designed, they don’t look so much like dogs as giant rats. They speak in French accents, so the Coconino denizens instantly accept these creatures as their superiors. Mimi looks very attractive to almost all the guys, Krazy only feels love for Mimi intermittently, when his “male” side is dominant. More of this creepiness to follow.


Patrick is from 1-24 to 1-28-1966 this time. The 1/25 is iconographic, Patrick only likes Godfrey on allowance day. This one little strip really touches on an essential truth about friendship, does anybody truly like another human being just for himself or herself, or for what we can GET from that human being? Patrick is an unrepentant hedonist. Next time, y’all. And remember, DON’T BUY BP!!!

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