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Hi again, Readers!

Don’t forget the big “Save The Eagle Rock” event this coming weekend, Sept. 13th and 14th at the GLAD center, 2222 Laverna Ave. in Eagle Rock CA 90041. Please help the old Rock to survive the developer’s wrecking ball, and buy a painting or a plant! You will hear and see musicians playing classical compositions on woodwind instruments and painters painting classical images on wooden easels! Saturday’s hours are 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday’s are 10AM to 6  PM, with the big Gala celebration to follow. You can donate $35.00 for the big celebration, this gets you champagne and hors d’ouvres. I would like to meet my readers in person (I’ll be there on Sunday with my talented wife, Cathy Hill).

In tribute to the late Bill Melendez is a comic strip commemorating his vocal talents doing Snoopy’s howls and yips. It is from a Hollywood Reporter special issue on animation from 1992. It says “Apologies to Don Albrecht” on the edge of panel 8. Does anyone know who that was? My guess is that Albrecht was a cartoonist who first drew the basic idea that this page is based on. Bill will be sadly missed in the cartoon biz, funny storyteller, tremendously versatile animator; able to eat a whole jar of red hot yellow chilies without even a glass of water to wash them down ( I saw him do it!).

The comics this week are pages 4 and 5 of “Mangy’s Blues” by Cathy Hill. Mangy keeps bugging the racoons Virgil and Uncle Erf with her never-ending need to be noticed. MARVELOUS MIKE this week is from 10/1 to 10/6/1956. Cliff Crump is so intent on studying up for his appearance on “The Big Donation” quiz program, that he doesn’t look where he’s going,  bumps his head and gets amnesia! Krazy Kat does six strips (2-20/2-25-1939) on the “walking under a ladder” superstition. Offissa Pupp and Ignatz use a ladder to get into and out of jail, I love the elephant in the 2/25. Felix proudly brings up the rear in the next two pages of “A Biscuit, A Basket” from Felix #7. I love the strange anatomy on Kitty in the second page as she talks to Felix on the telephone, her legs are really lost behind her red skirt, Jim Tyer didn’t believe in sketching the body before putting the clothes on it! (It’s funnier that way.) See you in Eagle Rock!

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