Blogs are for Old People


Howdy readers. Yup, Blogs are already on the path to oblivion. I don’t Face the Book, nor Tweet the Twitters, but I’m still bloggin’ like the Ol’ Timers do. First on the page this time is Felix from 11-30 to 12-6-1936. Felix is hot on the trail of the counterfeiters that he started after last time. In the 12-5 strip, he is going to send a message to the police by carrier pigeon about the crooks’s whereabouts. I love Otto’s use of silhouettes in the 12-2. I am still very much under the Messmer spell after looking at Felix practically all my life! The Sunday this time looks to be another Jack Bogle page. I love the uncharacteristic violence as Felix gives a four-color punch to his doctor to get some “peace and quiet”.


Krazy this time is from 5-20 to 5-25-1940. Mimi the “Poodle” continues her census taking, nearly revealing Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk’s age in the 5-21. I love the 5-25, as Ignatz unwittingly insults Mimi and gets the ho-hokus beat out of him. More comic violence!


Speaking of comic violence, here’s Patrick from 2-21 to 2-26-1966 by Mal Hancock. Who was Perry Como (in the 2-23) you ask? He had a television show from 1948 to 1963 nearly every week and sometimes several times a week, and did specials from 1963 to 1967. He was a very smooth vocalist who started in 1936 with Ted Weems’s band and had a radio show in 1943. His theme song was ‘Dream along with me, I’m on my way to a star..’ The ‘We get letters’ tag comes from his show, he had a segment with the theme song: “Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters!” I used to enjoy his annual Christmas shows, he was good at caroling, usually singing “Ave Maria” as a finale. I can’t forget two RCA records he made, “Catch a Falling Star” and “Hot Diggety Dog Diggety” from 1956. The gag in Patrick is that Perry Como would never sing such a raucus and self-serving ditty as the Anthem of the Patrick Club! Perry’s style was of the Crosby-Columbo school, very smooth and easy to listen to. Perry Como also was a very successful barber from the age of 14, he made more money from haircuts than singing in his early years.

I love how mad Patrick gets at Elsa in the 2-26 when she presents him with a book on Etiquette! Remember as always, DON’T BUY BP! Please continue to give to the Greg Ford Fire Fund at for Paypal donations (any amount, no matter how small will be appreciated), or you can write to him at:  Greg Ford, 115 West 30th St., Suite 1204, New York, N.Y. 10001, that’s his business address.  Good to hear from you, thanks for reading! Oh, and if Mike Barrier is reading this, a very happy belated 70th birthday to you!

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  1. Facebook and Twitter are the easel of the banal. I still Facebook as a nice way to see what my friends are up to, but neither is in competition with blogs.

    Blogs are the enemy of the short attention span and for people who seek information or entertainment that wont fit on their iPhone. Long live the blog!

  2. Steve C. says:

    “WHO’S PERRY COMO” [voice of Jean Vanderpyl [d.1999] as Wilma Flintstone].LOL. Being almost 50, I sure know who he was! You can see blog that I have a blog [on the ORIGINAL Gumby series]. I do go on Facebook as well though..

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