Cat Comics Return!



I’m not neglecting Cats for Bears, just did a special post for Yowp’s blog last time. Here are the Felix strips from 2-11 to 2-17-1935. The tough sailor’s name turns out to be “Tuffy Spinaker”, and he turns out to be a forgiving sort, rewarding Felix and Danny for saving him from the Octopus. Last week, the Octopus had “feelers”, this week it’s “tentacles” (see 2-11). Felix is fooled into thinking the Sargasso Sea is a patch of land in the 2-16. In the Sunday page, Felix solves his “Little Nemo” problem by taking a draught of the Rip Van Winkle potion. He’ll be in Dreamland for twenty years now, or maybe not.


Krazy is from 12-23 to 12-28-1940 this time. For the first two days, Offissa Pupp manages to suppress Ignatz’s reactions to Krazy’s bad puns, but KK gets a Christmas Brick in the 12-25. I’m not sure to who Pupp is referring in the 12-27, when his visitor asks him who should be in the Jail besides “mice”. Is Pupp referring to Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk, who beats a hasty retreat in the last panel, or Krazy, or ?? If it IS Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk who is potential Jail-bait, what has she done that’s against the Law? She mainly gossips and is a busybody. In the 12-28, Ignatz puts himself in Jail, as Offissa is suffering from gout, perhaps he had too much Christmas cheer.


Patrick is from 10-20 to 10-27-1966 this time, with a strip or two missing. Patrick’s behavior in the movie theater in the 10-21 was probably considered eccentric back in 1966, but today with all the cell phone and texting going on, probably no one would notice. I like the “animation” in the fourth panel of the 10-27 as Patrick practices Karate.  I’ll try to post more often this month, now that my energy is coming back. See you soon!

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  1. I agree with you about how the Karate strip looks animated. It’s something Bill Watterson would do from time to time.

    Is that Felix drawing from your collection?

  2. Will says:

    Glad you are on the mend, Mark. Thanks for all these great comics. I hereafter will regard all veggieburgers with a gimlet eye.

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