Catchin’ Up


Girls and Boys, I have dried my eyes and now present the next two pages of Jim Tyer’s “You Auto Be In Pictures”. Mike Kazaleh, a regular reader of this bag of spaghetti, wrote this comment about Felix: The current Felix comic story you are printing seemed familiar to me somehow. Then it hit me… so far the story is just like a Muggy Doo cartoon (animated by Myron Waldman) that goes by the same name! Did Hal Seegar borrow the story from Tyer (who was working for him at the time)? The cartoon has no story credit. 

If Seeger asked Jim Tyer for the story, Jim probably gave it to him to oblige, after all, why alienate your steady employer? Thanks, Mike for writing this comment. I have seen precious little MILTON THE MONSTER, MUGGY-DOO BOY FOX or STUFFY DURMA, so it’s hard to speculate about these things.

Also in this post are the MARVELOUS MIKE episodes from 4-16 to 4-21-1956. Will  Cliff Crump and his wife be torn to bits by the enraged members of the P.T.A.? You will note that this is the first time that Mike speaks directly to Cliff. At this point, Cliff doubts his sanity and doesn’t believe that the infant quoted Sir Francis Bacon to him. Their relationship changes around as the strip progresses. I’ll be posting again soon, ’til then enjoy the strips!

2 Responses to “Catchin’ Up”

  1. Mark–
    I’m just writing over to tell you that you did a great job on your audio commentaries for Puss Gets the Boot and Quiet, Please! on the Academy Awards set. Lots of stuff I didn’t know, like the animator IDs on the first cartoon. Thanks for the education!

  2. Mark Kausler says:

    Hey Thad,
    Thanks for the compliment. It’s one of my dreams to provide commentary on Tom and Jerry, and this DVD set gave me my chance. I really wanted to do commentary on the Spotlight collections, but you know what happened there. Pete Burness was there first!

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