Felix Homeless Again


Hi Folks, Things are getting heavy, so I better update the blog with the next episode of Felix the Cat from 1932! Here are the strips from 19320522 to 19320604. Felix winds up his battle with the Army of Brigandia, with the Professor’s rocket attacking them and going haywire, thanks to Felix’s re-working of the capacitors in the rocket’s control panel. The Professor, being the idealist that he is, rejects a 10 million dollar offer for his rocket designs and once again Felix is homeless. After many attempts at finding a home, he holes up with a Curio and Pet Shop owner. Felix’s luck starts to work in the 6-4, as he uses a rabbit for a pen pad and the lady customer takes the lapin for a rare spotted variety. In the Comic Stamps featured in the Laura topper for the 5-29 Sunday, look at that “Blinky the Owl” stamp. It looks like Felix got cross-bred with an owl! I love that design. Sorry I’m so far behind on the Catblog posts, I’ll try harder. See you very soon, I’m hopeful. Mark


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