Sorry, Readers! I’m working on a very large post, but it requires approval from a dear friend, and I want to give her time to respond. So here is the promised Marty Taras’s “Flip-Flap and the Crying Hyena” from CALLING ALL KIDS #7, Feb. 1947 issue. This comic came out a year BEFORE the Famous Studios cartoon “Flip-Flap” was released (Feb. 13, 1948). I. Sparber was the credited director, but I’ll bet that Marty was a key artist on it, both story and animation. This story has nothing to do with the cartoon, but tells about an incident in Flip-Flap’s life AFTER he goes to the zoo. The cartoon story dealt with the seal’s origins in the North Pole. Part two coming very soon.

In comic strips this week, MARVELOUS MIKE’s (4/1/1957-4/6) got a sure stock tip on a trucking company, in which Cliff Crump promptly involves Mr. Kimball. I hear George O’Hanlon’s voice every time I read Cliff’s dialog. Mike’s stock tip may not be such a sure thing, we’ll see next time. Krazy Kat celebrates “music week” (8/21/1939 to 8/26), but has to settle for canned music instead of live at the end of the sequence.  This is brief, but maybe next time I will have approval for my longer piece, it means a lot to me, so watch for it!

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