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Hi Reader(s), in this crazy world it’s hard to tell if we will be with each other from one week to the next, so without further adieu, here are this week’s comics!

The final page of the final published Mangy story: “Mangy’s Stormy Night”, from Mad Raccoons #7 leads off. Mangy was only trying to warn Virgil about his leaky roof. I love Cathy’s drawings of Mangy, especially the sleeping pose on the bed in the last panel. This will be the last appearance of Mangy in this blog, unless I can talk Cathy into doing more.

Marvelous Mike this week is from 10/22-10/29/1956 and features Cliff Crump’s old school chum, Edgar Fencemetal. I wonder if Bob Kuwahara came up with all the names for his characters himself? Fencemetal has a product for Mr. Kimball, Cliff’s boss, to market, and Edgar moves right in on the Crump’s, much to Liz’s disgust.

Krazy Kat (from 3/13-3/18/1939) is a story based on the old saying: “A Cat May Look At A King”, except in this case it’s a Queen Bee that’s the recipient of all the ogling. 3-16 is especially interesting, as Krazy’s gender is called into question by Ignatz.

From Dell Felix #8 we have the final page of “Looks Are Deceiving” by Jim Tyer. Felix slammed Pussyfoot with a Judo manoeuver. This is the last Felix page that Jim Tyer ever drew, as far as I know, by Felix #9, he was out of the book, never to return. Tyer did do one last story in #8, however, featuring Rock and Rollo. It’s called “Too Much Energy”, and is a drug story featuring a new character called “Professor Sauerkraut”, a funny design drawn in Tyer’s “modern but ancient” style. See more of Rock’s antics next week!

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