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Hi everyone! My wife Catherine Hill is the Featured Artist this month in the February issue of FLIP! FLIP is an on-line magazine devoted to the “Lifestyles of the Hunched and Goofy”, edited by the eminent animator, director and webmaster Steve Moore. Here is the address: www.flipanimation.net/flipiissue20.htm! Head over there to read an article which Cathy wrote about her painting methods and see many jpegs of her recent oil paintings. You’ll be glad you did.

Comics this week are pgs. 3 and 4 of Bud Sagendorf’s “Dusty and Littlechief” from Coo-Coo comics number four. This is pretty anti-Japanese stuff by this time, consider this was 1943 at the height of the hostilities between the Empire of Japan and the Allies. In this strip you get two stereotypes for the price of one, American Indian and Japanese. Littlechief is pretty easily fooled, and Dusty makes like Popeye on the second page when he knocks the Japanese spy clear across the page.

Marvelous Mike by Bob Kuwahara this week is from Jan. 21 to 26th, 1957 and gets into cold war territory when a new character, Mr. Kosno, stumbles over Mike at the airport. It looks like Cliff is going to be led into doing a little smuggling for the aforesaid Mr. Kosno, we’ll see. Krazy Kat this week, from 6/12 to 6/17/1939 features Ignatz trying to make Offissa Pupp’s jail a little more livable by turning it into an office, a hotel and an “Unfair Jail”, picketing it like a Prisoner’s Union member. This might have reflected the union activity in 1939, just before the U.S. entered into the second World War.

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