Greg Writes a Thank-You Note




Just digging out of the ashes after our apartment fire, Ronnie and I were traipsing around in zombie-like survivalist mode. Despite welcome assistance from people like musician Virg Dzurinko (who gifted us with temporary headquarters) and my background painter Kim Miskoe (who provided me and Ronnie with a semi-permanent place to stay – we’re still there, in fact!), our reactions following the unpleasant incident tended toward suspicion. That’s because our plight brought out the very worst instincts in the many bureaucrats and public officials we were suddenly forced to deal with.

Speaking for myself, at least, my self/others barometer fell way out of whack, and my expectations of sympathy from fellow-humans were practically nil.

Given my murky mood, imagine my shocked delight when my old friend Mark Kausler surprised us by mailing in a bunch of checks from anonymous donors, the fruits of an impromptu internet campaign covertly engineered by Mark (that must’ve been in late-May, early-June I suspect). Well, I was completely bowled over. I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CARED (to coin a phrase). Mysterious acts of kindness were definitely off my radar at the time, and I was truly touched by the personal messages either attached or verbally conveyed by Mark (the guy who evoked my old-time “Cartoonal Knowledge” animation programs at the Thalia struck a deeply emotional chord ‘cause those shows took place eons ago, for heavens sakes!).

What more can I say? Your generous care package not only helped us get over that week’s financial hump but, much more significantly, gave us a huge spiritual/psychological reboot! PUSS GETS THE REBOOT!

Now I can safely report that Mark’s THERE MUST BE SOME OTHER CAT is gonna be truly spectacular (hopefully in the same organic, patently unpretentious way as Mark’s animation), and that there’ll be lots of other surprises cooked up as well.

Again, thanks so very much to all concerned.

Greg Ford

        Thanks again from me, too for helping Greg and Ronnie. If you haven’t contributed yet, or want to contribute again, just Paypal any amount to me at Or, you can write to Greg at: Greg Ford, 115 West 30th St., Suite 1204, New York, N.Y. 10001.  I have few readers, but what there is is chersh!

Felix this time, from 12-21 to 12-27-1936, has the off-season football players tackling and kicking hungry Felix around. Felix is permitted in the house for Christmas, but is completely missing from his strip in the 12-26. The Sunday page for 12-27 is Messmer in fine form with an inflatable fish gag.


Krazy this time is from 6-10 to 6-16-1936. Mrs. Kwakk-Wakk is completely puzzled as usual by the Krazy-Ignatz relationship. I like the Kat langwidge in the 6-12 as Krazy tries to get a fan to dance, “Impottabil”, he says in syllables.


Patrick is from 3-14 to 3-19-1966 this time. Patrick’s dad makes his first appearance in the strip on 3-16. It seems Patrick is equally adept at bending both his parents to his will. He also continues to beat up Godfrey and Elsa in the 3-18 and 3-19. I wonder how they can all remain friends?

If you click the link labelled “Milt Gray” to the right of this post, you will see that he has kept his promise, and provided another episode of his “Viagri Ampleten” comic strip. It will be updated again on Friday, July 30th as well. Head over there and enjoy the color and the cleavage! Make sure you send comments to Milt while you’re there, he is getting feedback on his story and characters for a future animated project.

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