Greg’s Fire

annies-fire.jpgThis is an additional post, which I’m doing separately to call attention to my producer and partner Greg Ford’s horrible apartment fire which happened on Tuesday, May 4th. He and his girlfriend and writing partner Ronnie Scheib lost about 90% of their belongings in an electrical fire at their Crosby Street apartment in New York City. The building dates to 1864, and may have the original “Edison wiring” in it. Be that as it may, most of their manuscripts, both published and un-published were destroyed (they write film criticism for Daily Variety and many other publications), all their clothes, books and most of their live-action film collection. They have lived in Crosby street over 35 years, so you can imagine all the precious family mementos and treasures that are now gone. They are living in temporary quarters at our art director Kim Miskoe’s apartment now. I’m asking for my readers to donate a little money to help them get back on their feet. You may send it to my Paypal account, C/O, and I’ll get the funds to Greg and Ronnie. Of course I’ll be donating, too. I should have a new mailing address for Greg soon, for those who would wish to write to him directly. It’s very fortunate that Greg and Ronnie were not injured in the fire, and managed to escape with the few clothes on their backs. Evidently this fire happened close to bedtime. Ronnie’s purse and Greg’s passport were recovered from the gutted apartment, and they are going to go through the wreckage to salvage what they can. Ronnie’s computer hard disc may be salvageable, they’re going to try.

     Greg wouldn’t want me to ask you readers for help, he’s a pretty independent guy. But without Greg, this blog wouldn’t exist, and my short “It’s ‘The Cat'” wouldn’t be a reality. So if you can donate, even a few dollars, I would appreciate it very much on mine and Greg’s behalf.

     By the way, for those who care, the artwork to the next Cat short, “There Must Be Some Other Cat”, was undamaged and is at Greg’s office, awaiting photography. It may be a long time before Greg can once again turn attention to such trifling matters as cartoons. Again, if you can, please help. Greg is a friend of very long and honored standing. Thank You.

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