Here’s a Post to You All!


Felix (10-19 to 10-25-36) solves the clock mystery for Tanglefoot the detective, but it’s a little confusingly written. Seems the man of the house hid all the clocks in the attic so they wouldn’t gong in the middle of the night and give away his punch-drunkenness to his wife! He’s making money at those prize fights in lieu of a job and doesn’t want his cover blown. It’s a little near-fetched that he’d have to hide the clocks for such an obscure reason, but what the heck, it’s comics! In the Sunday, Poppa Dud is once again mad at our Felix for making him buy a washing machine, so tries to do away with him at a Carnival. Felix is a good luck charm for him, though, so once again the Cat is back in Dud’s good graces.


Krazy (4-8 to 4-13-1940) is quite punny and wordy this week. I especially like the subtle word play in the 4/8, don’t ever mis-pronounce the Kat’s “monika” or he’ll bean you with an umbrella! The “Woim” gags in the 4/9, 4/10 and 4/12 strips are a lot of fun, especially along with the tree jokes in the 4/9.


Patrick is from 1/10 to 1/14/1966 this time. He is his usual disagreeable self, socking Godfrey with snowballs and other things, and having an especially emotional withdrawal from “Sody Pop” in the 1/13 and 1/14 strips. This was long before all the “high fructose corn syrup” they lace “Sody Pop” with today, so Patrick was a genuine Cane Sugar freak! Believe it or not, he was better off with the Sugar than with the Fructose!

This week, my friend Milt Gray has started his “Viagri Ampleten” blog. Go to to see a very colorful and lushly drawn “strip” (in many senses of the word). These panels are really animation layouts, arranged as an Internet comic strip to attract attention to Milt’s long-in-gestation 12 minute animated film featuring Miss Ampleten and a lot of mysterious “spy” drama. I will also put a permanent link to Milt’s blog on this site, so that you can visit Viagri whenever you wish. Tell him I sent you! (Milt’s strip is a bit on the spicy side, so parents may wish to supervise it’s use.) See you next time in the land of Internet strips!

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