Here’s Krazy, 9-23-1938 through 9-29.  This week, the bank sequence from last week winds up with a rubber check gag, and Garge starts a “transportation” cycle this week. I love the pose of Krazy skating in 9-26, and the wagon with a sail in 9-28 reminds me of the Disney limited animation cartoon: “Windwagon Smith”.

I almost finished Sc. 25 this week of “There Must Be Some Other Cat”. I have a mechanics problem. I know how to pan north and south on a conventional 90 degree tilt set-up. How do you pan north and south on a conventional 12 field center set-up? Do you use floating pegs? Pearly, the cat’s “girl-friend” picks the cat up by the scruff of his neck and then lifts him up north. Consequently, the BG should move about 3 inches south and hook up with a new BG that will pan to the right. Any of you geniuses out there have a suggestion about how to prepare backgrounds for moves like that? Sorry, computer devotees, this is for conventional camera mechanics experts only.

Cathy and I went out to the old E. Waldo Ward jelly factory in Sierra Madre last Thursday and painted with our Thurs. morning group. E. Waldo Ward Co. make a great orange marmalade and import and stuff olives from Spain. Cathy did a study of their orange grove (one of the last standing groves in Sierra Madre, Ca.) in oil and I did a watercolor of the old jelly factory itself, which is a corrugated tin building. Cathy’s painting has beautiful colors in it, orange, green and violet shadows, it looks very inviting. It was a hot day but a great day for cast shadows and creating an image from the color temperature of those shadows. If I ever get a #$%^&* scanner going, I’ll display some images of our paintings to make these posts more stimulating. Speaking of computer geniuses, my brother-in-law’s in town now on vacation from his teaching job in Edwardsville, Illinois. Maybe he can give me some ideas on preparing scans for blogging. Hope ya’ll have a great week ahead!

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