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All is illusory with Garge this week. In 9-2 and 9-3, he finishes off the eyeglasses idea he started with Offissa Pupp using phony specs to make himself look wide awake. This reminds me of the Tom and Jerry cartoon “Sleepy Time Tom”. Remember Tom painting pupils on his eyelids to fool Mammy into thinking he was alert? I’ll bet this gag has it’s roots in vaudeville. In 9-5 through 9-8-1938, Garge is anticipating Crockett Johnson (“Harold and the Purple Crayon”). What is the difference between a real brick and a brick drawn with a pencil in a pen and ink world? I love the gag in 9-8: Ignatz draws lines to indicate rain and then Krazy (offstage) draws an umbrella to shield himself from the ink-line raindrops. The fact that Krazy draws the umbrella for himself off-stage heightens the mystery, Garge is asking his readers to participate in the gag.

I shot the first take of Sc. 24 last Sunday, and it’s going to take at least two more passes to get it right. I have a few too many poses and ideas that don’t support the main idea of the shot. So¬† I have to take them out, re-time and revise. I still haven’t done the effects of Pearly (the cat’s object d’amour) crying. Cathy and I did get out to Monrovia, Ca. this week to paint a charming old neighborhood. Cathy drew with pencil this time, and I did two watercolors of Tudor style homes, with the San Gabriel mountains behind them. One of the paintings almost worked! I would love to get scans up of some of my paintings, maybe one day I can afford a good art quality scanner. Any experienced bloggers out there have any recommendations? Have a great Independence day week!

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