Howdy Folks!

dscn0508.JPG As the friendly Bosko once said! Welcome to the new CatBlog! I don’t know how often I will post, as I don’t have much to say. I still feel uncomfortable around computers, I guess I read too much George Orwell and Ray Bradbury when I was a kid. I am working on an essay: “Bosko gives way to Buddy”, I’ll bet you can guess what I’ve been watching lately! It’s been an historic day for me, my cartoon “It’s ‘The Cat'” is on Cartoon Brew for paid downloads, I posted some stuff on Ebay for sale for the first time, and I have this new blog. Feel free to comment on anything you like, and I will delete them all! Yuk yuk! I will also post unrelated travel and other photos here, just to have something to look at.

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  1. MARK !!!

    I’m so glad you have a blog and I’m very happy to finally be able to see “It’s the Cat” , downloaded from Cartoon Brew Films for the bargain price of $2.00. You are the one person who I think I have most wanted to see start a ‘blog . Actually, I think you have a LOT to say . Looking forward to it.

    Your ol’ Roger Rabbit assistant and pal,

    -David Nethery

  2. Mark Kausler says:

    Wow Dave!
    You’ve already found this blog! I’ll never forget a beautiful effects scene you showed me once of some underwater kelp (?) slowly undulating with the ocean currents. Anyway, something like that. Roger Rabbit is slowly receding into history, but was fun to work on while it lasted. Your blog is quite beautiful in it’s own right! Thanks for the link and review to “The Cat”.
    Always, Mark

  3. Alex says:

    Ditto all the comments by Thad, Brubaker, and Floyd Norman above.I was pilvireged to work as an assistant animator on some of Mark’s scenes in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and I can heartily affirm that he is a great animator and an inspiration to work with. A rare combination of someone who knows just about everything there is to know about animation’s history and can DO IT , too. His short film is one of my favorite modern animated shorts and I was thrilled when Mark showed me the pencil test of his in-progress follow up film “There Must Be Another Cat” at the CTN-Expo in November 2010. It is a worthy successor to “It’s the Cat”.

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