I Can’t See Ya, Wranglers!


Whew! I accidently deleted last week’s post this morning. I was attempting to delete an unwelcome comment, and scrapped all my text! At least all the comics were saved! If any of my readers copied my post, please mail me a copy of the text and I will re-type it.  The post contained “Marvelous Mike”, 4/9/1956 through 4/14, “Wee Pals”, 2-19-2008 and the next two pages of  “You Auto Be In Pictures” by Jim Tyer from Felix #3, Dell 1963.  That’s a very dark photo of Harry Gibbs, alias Texas Bruce, reproduced from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of 1956. Harry had a show on St. Louis television called the “Wrangler’s Cartoon Club”, that poisoned my mind with countless old cartoons, Looney Tunes, Betty Boops, Little Lulus and the Fema Noveck Flamingo package including many Soyuzmultifilm and Zagreb productions. That’s about as far as I want to go in re-creating this post for now. I will do a new one very soon; right now, I’m going to go someplace and cry a lot!

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