I’ll Give You Such A Post!


Hi Readers! Here’s Milt Gross’s Nize Baby from 6/5/1927.  Can’t you just FEEL the movement and the animation in Milt’s drawings? Papa wrapping the laundry with the baby inside, and the top hatted guy banging on the elevator door animate as you scan over the panels. Papa hitting Isidore on every floor of the hotel for buying a lollipop might seem like extreme corporal punishment in this day and age of “time-outs” for kids. That’s the “roaring twenties”!


In Krazy Kat, 10/16/1939 to 10/21, Ignatz tries celebrating his and Krazy’s birthday by tossing bricks, but Offisa Pupp celebrates his natal day by jailing Ignatz. I love the last panel in 10/18, a little tableaux as Pupp and Krazy set up a birthday cake outside the jail as Ignatz looks out. The balance of the week involves Garge’s love of puns, “peace” pipe /”piece” pipe, with Offisa Pupp getting away with it because he is the law, much to Ignatz’s disgust.


Marvelous Mike this week, from 5/27/1957 to 5/29 (5/30 missing) then 5/31 and 6/1, concludes the foundling home story with the crooks entrapped by Mike’s scheme. Mike generously gives little Billy, the runaway orphan, all the credit for the bust. Mike returns home from the “home”, then tries to coach Cliff Crump on the fine points of his golf game. Now Cliff ought to know better than to resist Mike’s kibitzing by this time!

felix-12-11.jpg Here’s the “conclusion” of the Felix story we began last time, from 12/11/1939. The spook runs off into the woods as Felix and the “gnomes” look on. I had a bit of positive reaction to Felix, so I’m “grooming” some 1936 strips to run here very soon. Watch for them! Remember to click on the small strips to view them at full size.

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  1. charlie says:

    I love to visit your site. it is nice to see these felix from the paper also. charlie

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Charlie, for your kind comments. I really am glad that you like my site and the comics I post. I will have Felix up just as soon as I can get to the scanner. In the meantime, enjoy Mike, Krazy and Nize.
    All best, Mark

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