Joanie Phoanie


Somebody’s relentlessly hacking me, so I better post this quickly before I get shut down again. Here are the first 5 episodes of the infamous “Joanie Phoanie” storyline of Al Capp’s “L’il Abner” from 12-31-67 to 1-7-67. There may be a day or two missing, these are clipped from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch which printed some of their daily strips in color back then. I will point out some editing that the Post did to these strips as I re-print them. The recent Al Capp videos posted on Cartoon Brew led me to re-print this sequence, since it seems it is the exact point where Al Capp parted company with the political liberals who had read “L’il Abner” up to 1967. His caricature of Joan Baez makes her look like Nightmare Alice! Baez was a very beautiful woman who had a lovely voice. Capp saw her as an adjunct to student unrest, however, and he couldn’t forgive her for that in his mind. The artwork and inking in these strips are very well done, Joanie’s appearance comes right in the middle of a storyline that prys Honest Abe from his parents and puts him up for adoption. The sequence ran barely two months.

“Marvelous Mike” this week reprints 5-21-56-5-26. 5-25-56 is out of sequence, I can’t figure out how to get it in the correct spot. ┬áThe Goliath story winds up (you can see him a little better in these scans), and the next story begins. Mike overhears a bank robbery plot.

Felix has the next two pages of the current storyline by Jim Tyer, “The Vicious Cycle” from Felix the Cat #4. I had better save this before I get shut down again, somebody sure doesn’t like this blog. If you have any comments, mail them to me at See you again, I hope.

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