Joanie Pt. Two

April 22, 2008

Al Capp, Comic Strips

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Hello again dear reader(s)! Here are the next six strips in the “Joanie Phoanie” sequence from “L’il Abner”, Jan. 9-1967 to Jan. 14th. Here Capp implies that Joan Baez is not only a protest singer who cares only for money, but she throws herself at any appetizing man who crosses her path, in this case, Abner. I like the sly way that Al uses Little Orphan Annie as a supporting player in some of these dailies. I’ve been reading a bunch of “L’il Abner”s I saved from the early 1970s, and a lot of the Sunday pages feature the Dogpatch kids: Honest Abe, “Rotton Ralphie” and the bunch. Capp was openly jealous of Charles Schulz’s success, and it seems he toyed with the idea of turning “L’il Abner” into a kid strip for awhile, Dogpatch style. If you go over to ASIFA’s animation history website at , they are doing their own tribute to Al Capp this week. Very nice scans of earlier Abner material from the collection of Mike Fontanelli, but Dennis Kitchen has already reprinted the strips from 1956 that they are running. As far as I know, these “Joanie Phoanie” strips have NEVER been reprinted, so let me know what you think.

“Marvelous Mike” this week continues the bank robbery story. I think some aspects of this story ring true to this day, when sometimes to be ACCUSED of a crime is the same thing as being a CRIMINAL. We’ll see how poor Cliff gets out of the line-up next week.

To round out the reprints this week, we have the last two pages of Jim Tyer’s “The Vicious Cycle” from FELIX THE CAT #4.  We will present the start of the next story from that issue, “Tale Of A Fish”, in a week. Remember, to comment on anything you see here, write to me at I will reprint any comments that my readers would enjoy seeing.

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