Junior Times April, 1927


jr-times-phil-de-lara-cover-4-24-27.jpgjr-times-cal-howard-4-24-27.jpg Here’s one of those posts I put off doing as long as I can, the Los Angeles Junior Times cartoons from April, 1927! Feast your eyes on the works of I.Ellis, Phil De Lara, Cal Howard, Milt Schaffer, “Louie” Salkin, Larry Martin, Hardie Gramatky, Frank Tipper and Manuel Moreno! I love Manuel’s cartoon from April 3rd, as he does a full page of little sketches commemorating the Charity Ball. Can you find Aunt Dolly in the jumble of figures at the bottom of the page? If you can, tell me, I sure can’t see her! I like the photo of Bob Wickersham, and the caption that tells of his election to the Vice-Presidency of the TJC, and his “good sportsmanship”. I’ve also included Hardie Gramatky’s “Capt. Kidd” strip from April 10th, I’ve been leaving him out of these Jr. Times posts, thinking I could catch up later. But there isn’t any “later”, there’s only now! Hardie was the most professional of the Junior Times cartoonists, and his contributions fell off as he got involved in art college. Manuel Moreno also went pro very early in life, so his Junior Times comics get increasingly rare. However, Phil De Lara proved to be the most loyal of the Aunt Dolly discoveries, lasting well into 1930. I’ll try to do another “Your Comics Page” later this week and include Myrtle, but for now I’m exhausted!

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