In this series of strips from 8-5 to 8-11-1938, the boll weevil and moth story concludes with both of Krazy’s hats devoured. Then Krazy has some trouble distinguishing a canoe from a boat. I like the poignancy of Offissa Pupp in 8-11, standing on the bank saying “Goodbye, Sailor, Sail far, Sail Wide, Sail On…”. Then Garge reveals the inevitable gag in the last panel, deflating Pupp’s poetic send-off.  Today, I actually got to record a tandem commentary with Leonard Maltin for another Oswald cartoon. I think we had a good time doing it. Then I did an interview on camera for the third volume of THE CHRONOLOGICAL DONALD. We talked about Donald’s treatment by the studio as a “star”. I won’t go into any more detail then that, but buy or rent the DVDs and find out. It was great working with Leonard, I’ve been corresponding with him since I was a kid. I wrote the first version of my Film Comment Tom and Jerry article for Leonard’s Film Fan Monthly when I was 12 or 13. Do any of you get his “Movie Crazy” newsletter? I always enjoy reading it. He has a thoughtful article in the current one about how he discovered silent comedy through his exposure to early television and talks about how silent comics such as Snub Pollard and Andy Clyde were given extended leases on their careers by television. The photo gallery on Andy Clyde is worth seeing, Andy was certainly a master of makeup! See you all next week.

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