Keep On Pitchin’ and Crestline, Ca.


Here is another cel from “It’s ‘The Cat'” for your gift-giving consideration. This image of the cat’s shadow about to jump to the top of the fence has beautiful night-time colors (not very well represented in my photo), and is 12 field in size. It’s $100.00 including the original drawing that it was traced from, hand-inked of course. I will have some more images of cels for sale next week.

In the comics, we have the Kat episodes from 12-12-1938 through 12-17. Mostly spot gags this week, I like the 12-17 strip which uses Proverbs 6:6: “Go to the ant, thou sluggard..observe her ways and be wise.”  Krazy pronounces it “slugga”.

Lane Allen’s Diary this week introduces Oliver, a wheelchair bound member of the Octopus society who does his detective work through a spy glass. This reminds me of “Rear Window” and Nero Wolfe.  Come back next week to see what was chasing Lane.

Cathy and I were the guests of the Tudor Pines Lodge and the Mountain Beautiful organization in Crestline, Ca. last weekend. Crestline is a beautiful mountain town near Lake Arrowhead. Our friend John Stillion of Mountain Beautiful organizes home tours through Crestline a few times a year to raise money to plant daffodil bulbs in the spring. John always does an incredible job of organizing the event and seems well-loved by the citizens of Crestline. Artists are invited to paint outdoors at some of the homes on the tour to lend color and entertain the public. This time Cathy and I set up our easels near the San Moritz Lodge and painted a 1910 Cadillac, and a “Woody” station wagon from the 1930s, classic cars placed on display by local collectors. They were colorful subjects and we met a lot of nice and inquisitive people. One tourist said that watching us, inspired her to paint. It’s a good feeling to think that you might be starting someone down their own art path. We just love to visit Crestline, there are so many beautiful homes, lakes, pine and eucalyptus trees, jays and grey squirrels to paint. The little towns of Blue Jay and Twin Peaks are very close by, we’ve stayed in Twin Peaks in previous years in a great little lodge, the Bear Creek I think it’s called. It’s hard to say where the most beautiful painting sites are, in the mountains or at the seashore, especially Crystal Cove state park. Grab a paintbrush everybody, and we’ll see you out on the trail!                                                           

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