Komics, and a Pitch


Here are the Kats from 11-14-1938 to 11-19. This whole week’s storyline is about Ignatz using the “think system” to feel rich. Sort of like Prof. Harold Hill as a money manager. My favorite from this week is 11-19, not so much for the gag with the Income Tax man, but the little sign on the wall, “El Ajo Cosquilloso”. In English it means, “The Ticklish Garlic”, a charming bit of Herriman’s whimsy. Maybe he picked it up from a Mexican on Olvera St. in Los Angeles or one of the vaqueros at the Wetherill Ranch in New Mexico.  The “Lane Allen’s Diary” page this week is from Jan. 6, 1957, the first clear date I’ve seen on these. I love the snow angels gag; I would have had a super size crush on Miss Castle if I were Lane Allen, or Ray.

The watercolor for this week was painted over at the San Gabriel Mission, founded Sept. 8, 1771, the fourth of the California Missions to be built. Our group showed up early the morning this was painted; most of the artists did the bell tower outside, but I was more intrigued with the Mission Gardens and courtyard, so I painted this sunny doorway. I don’t think the door is as old as 1771.  Cathy couldn’t be there that day, so it was one of my rare times representing both of us with the group.

All the artwork from “There Must Be Some Other Cat” has now been sent to Greg Ford in New York for ink and paint and final photography. Maybe soon we will be able to display some color sketches from the film on this blog. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly ten years since I started this little picture. If any of you kind readers would like to help us with the production, please buy a cel from our first cartoon: “It’s ‘The Cat'”. The cels for sale should be on the website: itsthecat.com, but you can also purchase them direct from myself or Greg Ford: mkausler@earthlink.net, Fordcoink@hotmail.com. By all means write to Greg and bug him for cels, let’s all goad him into fury!

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