L.A. Shorts Fest! “Some Other Cat” coming Sept. 9th!!

soc-la-shorts-slug.jpg At last it can be told! “Some Other Cat”, formerly “There Must Be Some Other Cat”, will be having it’s world premiere at the L.A. Shorts Festival on Sept. 9th, 2013! It will be shown in a program of animated shorts (Program 22) beginning at 3:15 PM at the Laemmle NOHO 7 theaters. They are located at 5240 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, 91618. Just go to www.lashortsfest.com for more information on parking and which off-ramp to take to get over there. Itza would love to have all his loyal readers there, this has been a very LONG time coming, Folks! If you can possibly get away on that Monday afternoon, you’ll be in the first west coast audience to see the short! If you feel your computer screen vibrating, that’s just Itza purring with delight.

krazy-kat-12-22-to-12-27-41.jpg In Krazy, 12-22 to 12-27-1941, Garge does a four strip continuity about a brick shaped “peep hole” in the Coconino fence. I like the dead-pan expressions on both Krazy and Ignatz as Ig throws his brick through a collapsed fence board (12-25). Herriman does one of his rare insider strips in the 12-26, as Offissa Pupp and Ignatz discuss the order of the panels in a typical Krazy Kat daily, and in which panel the “Mice” will throw the brick. In this case it’s panel “5” which turns out to be off stage and Offissa Pupp is confined to Panel 4, so is once again powerless to stop the tryst.

myrtle-9-15-to-9-20-47.jpg Myrtle is from 9-15 to 9-20-1947 this time, notice I’ve carefully matched the clipped strips to the Newspaper Archive copies to get Dudley Fisher’s complete drawings. The 9-15 continues the scooter gags from last week, and the 9-17 and 9-18 strips take place at Slug’s diner. Slug creates a new dish, the banana burger, the sandwich with a peel (Slug even slips on one). Slug was way ahead of his time, pioneering Vegan cuisine in 1947! The best strip in this batch is the 9-20, as Bingo goes out to fetch the paper and winds up reading the “Myrtle” strip with Junior.

felix-4-25-to-4-30-49.jpg Felix is from 4-25 to 4-30-1949, as Felix and Moocher Mouse continue to chase the pearl thief as private detectives. My favorite panel is the second one in the 4-25, as the thief kicks Felix into the “camera”. Omar the Owl proves to be better at deductive reasoning than Felix and Moocher as he points out the thief’s shoe print on Felix’s back in the 4-26 strip. Moocher and Felix work together in the balance of the week’s strips to foil the thief, quite a contrast to the previous strips where they were doing their “Tom and Jerry” gags.

See you at the Laemmle NOHO 7 very soon!

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  1. James Tim walker says:

    Hey Kausler, we’ll be there!!!

    The Valley Kid and Susan

  2. Anatolii says:

    Mark,I don’t know if you read my comment potesd in response to you post on “Mickey’s Birthday Party”, Part 3 back in July, but I mentioned my encounter with Berny Wolf when he was doing some freelancing on a commercial at Dale Baer’s studio in the early 90’s (probably would have been ’90 or ’91 , because I was back at Disney in 1992) . Anyway, some reports on Berny mentioned that he retired from animation around 1985, but he was still doing freelance at least as late as ’90 or ’91. The man had a long career in animation !

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