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Here, as an adjunct to Yowp’s latest post, are the half-page, color versions of the Yogi Bear Sundays from October, 1961-all FIVE of them, whew! It seems to be controversial whether Harvey Eisenberg actually drew these or not, a lot of the poses and especially the title lettering look like Harvey’s work to me. Some of the incidental humans could be Gene Hazelton’s designs, don’t know for sure. Remember to click on the thumbnails to see them at full size. Even though this is not a “regular” post, I’m going to quickly put up my regular comics:


Felix (3/11/1935 to 3/17) gets the gold and the prize Dodo fish all in one swoop. I love the last panel of the 3/16, as Felix ruminates on his “Prize”, making good as the ship’s mascot. The little guy really appeals to the heart, not a greedy bone in his body. In the Sunday, Felix sums up his life in the 6th panel, “Life is just one jam after another, for me.”


Krazy (from 1-20-1941 to 1-25) has the usual alarms and excursions, including Garge’s penchant for disguising his characters. This time, along with Offissa Pupp and Krazy (1-24 and 1-25) even the BRICK is in disguise.


In Patrick (11/21/1966 to 11/26), Patrick declares liver and onions to be a “sadistic punishment” in the 11/21. I used to have a theory that liver and onions were a cure for the common cold. Every time I felt a cold coming on, I would drop down to the local Astro’s coffee shop for a plate of punishment. Invariably, I would wake up the next morning feeling fine. In the 11/23, Patrick’s hero, Batman, disappoints him. You will notice that the 11/24 is missing, the Post-Dispatch did not publish on Thanksgiving that year. See you next time with a little bit more fleshed-out post.

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