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Hey Everybody, the fires in the Angeles National Forest are almost contained and we were spared, thanks be to God (and the firefighters).  It’s very sad that the authorities believe that this fire was set. It won’t be easy to find out who lit it.

Now let’s get lit up with old comic strips, first one this time is NIZE BABY from 1/1/1928. Papa is beat up by a pair of ladies as he tries to find Isidore on a passenger train. I don’t quite understand why he is dressed up like a kid in the penultimate panel. Maybe he’s trying to escape detection by the railroad conductors with his disguise? Isidore once again receives corporal punishment in the denouement.


Krazy Kat this time, from 11/20 to 11/25/1939 is also about disguises. First, a brick in disguise is the discussion topic, then after a potato gag, the balance of the week uses one of Garge’s favorite gag devices, the characters dressed up in total camouflage disguises. All to their utter confusion, of course.


MARVELOUS MIKE this time, from 7/1 to 7/6/1957, continues the golf match between Smith and Crump. July 4th is missing, the Post-Dispatch did not print on holidays. Mike overcomes his scruples to sink an impossible putt for his Dad, thus winning the game for Mr. Kimball and the account! Kimball awards the account to Mike, will he set up his own agency? Come back next time and find out!

mike-promo-poster.jpg By the way, this is an actual promotional poster tacked on the front of the metal newsstands in St. Louis to promote Mike and Rev’rend, another new United Feature Syndicate strip that the St. Louis Post Dispatch introduced about the same time (1956-57).  Mike was a minor celebrity in old St. Louis, they stuck with him to the end of the run.


Felix the Cat, this time from 6/8 to 6/13/36 continues Felix’s stay with the Dooit family. Felix is a real punching bag in this week’s strips.  The poor little guy is kicked under the table, and in my favorite gag from this batch is punched out by “Socky” (6/13). Speaking of cats, did y’all see the You Tube video (or is it Yahoo?) of the cat putting his head under a running faucet, several TIMES? Cats aren’t supposed to like water, but this one not only likes to put his head under a faucet, but also enjoys drinking the drips of water that trickle into his mouth. View it at this link: . Enjoy!

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  1. charlie says:

    that is so funny watching that cat under the faucet.
    oh yes & the comic strips are great as usual—-charlie

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