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Hi Folks. Well, in the absence of Krazy, Felix (drawn by Jim Tyer) will take his place for awhile. Here (in reverse order) are the first two pages of “Beaux and Arrows” from Felix The Cat No. 2 Jan.-Mar. 1963, published by Dell. This story was requested by Milton Knight. Felix and Kitty are wonderful, but Pussyfoot seems to have fired Tyer’s imagination. It’s a treat to see all the crafty and malevolent expressions with which JT has endowed his villain. I’ll be reprinting more pages from this story over the next few weeks, along with the next episodes of “Lane Allen’s Diary”. Of course, you know the drill, just click on the images to enlarge them. The Felix pages are small files, so you may have to click twice to get them to display at the best viewing size.

I’ve also uploaded another snapshot from our trip to Mexico, this one of Acapulco. I like the contrast of the poor fishermen with the giant hotels and housing developments in the background. The fishermen of Acapulco don’t seem to use rods, but stand hip-deep in ocean water and cast their lines from reels that they carry in their hands. They cast like a cowboy, looping the fishing line over their heads like a lasso. They seem to catch plenty of fish with this method, as we saw a large pile of fish for sale along the boardwalk. I’ll try to scan some of our watercolors so that you may see what we painted in the next few posts. I did a little more animation on “There Must Be Some Other Cat” this week, doing a 10 second opening tag for the picture with “The Cat” listening to a Victrola. I sent the test to my producer, so we’ll see if he likes it or not. Hi Greg, are ya listenin’?

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  1. Marc Deckter says:

    Hi Mark – great site! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I believe this is my first post.

    I’m excited that you’re posting this Felix story – can’t wait to see what Tyer does with Pussyfoot.

    BTW, I just listened to your wonderful Popeye commentary on “I Yam What I Yam” and I was really fascinated by the scenes you pointed out as animated by “Doc” Crandall. I’m a big fan of real raw, old-school animation. What other Crandall cartoons and scenes do you like? Did he work on a lot of the screen songs?


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