New Kats


Here are the K.K.s from 7-29 to 8-4-38. I love Garge’s bug characters, note how similar the “boll weevil” in 8-1 to 8-4 is in appearance to archy in the illustrations Garge did for Don Marquis books. One of the happiest assignments I had in my early years in the animation game was animating a few scenes in the ‘Archy declares war’ sequence in John Wilson’s “Archy and Mehitabel”. I did these under the great Frank Andrina’s tutelage, as I was his assistant on the picture. Sam Cornell did the layouts in a combination Garge/Sam cartoon style. I haven’t posted much lately, Cathy and I just got back from Santa Catalina island, where we participated in a plein air “paint out” last week. Avalon was not damaged from the recent brush fires. Catalina is an ENORMOUS island, so a 4000 acre blaze would only burn a small part of the brush there. I was lucky enough to sell a small watercolor of the Casino and harbor there to a kid from Oceanside. Paid for a meal there anyway. I will do a photo post of the trip later on this week. Have a GREAT Memorial Day and remember our poor, overextended military at this sad time in history!

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