New Old Comics

Here they ah! After a long absence, George Herriman’s “Now Listen Myrtle” from 8-18 to 8-25-1919. Most of the action takes place in a silent comedy movie studio, and Mr. Doozinbury, Mabel’s primary suitor, has to dress as an ostrich to appear before the cameras. The art is quite detailed compared with Krazy Kat, although the ostrich costume looks a great deal like Walter Cyphus Ostrich from the Kat strip. Mr. Herriman liked to hang around movie studios and had a drawing board at the Hal Roach studios in the 1920s and 1930s where he would visit his friend, and title writer, “Beanie” Walker.

Felix is from 10-9 to 10-22-1933 this time. Danny Dooit wants to lend Felix as a Business Mascot to Mr. Snip. the photographer. Felix has to sneak meals at first, since Mr. Snip is too frugal to feed his Mascot. Felix takes a picture of himself on 10-14 and offers it to the readers if they will write to their local newspaper for it.  Both Sundays feature fishing gags, one hinging on golf and the other a fishing derby in equipoise. I am working on another post as well that should be finished soon. Sorry to have been away so long.












































































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