No Pitch This Week, You Can Come Out Now


Hi Folks, I’m not trying to “cel” anything this week. Here are the next 6 KKs from 12-19-1938 to 12-24. This week “Pop” is the centerpiece of all the gags. There is a radio reference in 12-24 to the “Vox Pop” NBC sidewalk interview show of 1938-39. That’s why the old dog is named “Voxx”.  Here also is the next ep. of Lane Allen’s Diary: Lane finds out he’s been followed by a mounted forest ranger, of course the girls all make fun of him for being scared. Expressions are good.

Posts will be scarce around here for a couple of weeks, Cathy and I are going on a painting trip. I won’t tell you the details until we return, but suffice to say, it’s something brand new for us and we are somewhat trepidatious. Wish us luck and the good Lord willing, I’ll be posting at ya again real soon.

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  1. Charles Brubaker says:

    Hey Mark,

    Finally decided to check out your blog. Not bad. Especially the “Krazy Kats”

    I read about your thoughts on the animated “Kat” series, including the 1963 Prague/Gene Deitch efforts. Man, I was fond of those made-for-TV KFS cartoons. I actually have one of the “Snuffy Smith” cartoons on 16mm that was animated by the one and only Jim Tyer.

    Even facinating is that alot of those KFS cartoons were directed by Seymour Kneitel. He directed many of those made-for-TV cartoons plus the regular theatricals….over 200 cartoons from 1960 to 1963.

    It is too much of a coincidence that the man died from heart attack in 1964?

  2. Mark-
    Off-topic, but your commentaries for the latest LOONEY TUNES set, on “Little Red Walking Hood” and “The Daffy Doc”, are superb! Enjoyable and very informative. Thanks a lot!

  3. Mark Kausler says:

    Hi Charles and Thad,
    Yes, Seymour Kneitel didn’t laze off because he married the boss’s daughter (Ruth), he was a hard-working animator and director. Maybe the crush of TV production killed him. Thanks for your kind comments on my comments, Thad. Maybe I’ll get to see them when my comp. copy gets here in about six months!

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