Pencil Test is Finished!

July 30, 2008


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It’s hard to believe readers, but the pencil test for my short cartoon: “There Must Be Some Other Cat”, is cut together and synced up at last! Maybe some day we will post the pencil test on, we’ll see. There are a few little adjustments, but the timing of the animation and the musical ideas work well. Greg Ford, Larry Q. and company worked hard and smoothed all the rough edges from my scribbled exposure sheets and did some first-rate camera work. Maybe some day soon I will see the first color scenes of the cat in his desert environment! I feel like taking everyone out for nopales at the Cacti Cafe!

In comics this week, I’m presenting the first two pages of Cathy Hill’s “A Package For Virgil” from Mad Raccoons #7. This story seems to star Virgil, but is really a showcase for Mangy as co-star. Mangy was originally just a back-up feature for the Raccoons, and in this story…..well, you’ll see. Marvelous Mike from 8/27/56 to 9/1/56 continues the story of “The Serenader”, Mike’s “Dad”, Cliff gets all the credit for playing Chopin like Van Cliburn, much to his wife’s disgust. Krazy Kat this week is missing Monday, 1/16/39, anybody have it? In KK from 1/17/39 to 1/21/39, it’s guest or “guess” week, as the action moves from Krazy’s house, to the Jail and back to Krazy’s house again. 1/20 is a bit obscure, Offissa Pupp and Ignatz emerge from Jail, only to see Krazy approaching and put themselves back in stir again. The “love triangle” theme was so well established by this point, that it only has to be hinted at to form a springboard for a gag.  From Felix #5, we have the first two pages of “Some-Her” by Jim Tyer. Kitty as drawn by Tyer, is one strange cat. I love the delicately drawn foot with the shoe dangling from her toes in the first panel. Kitty is more human than cat by this time; look at her profile on page two, panel two. Sometimes Jim puts heart-shaped “beauty marks” on her face making Kitty resemble Lilly Langtry or some Robert W. Service heroine. They only gave Tyer one story and a gag page in this issue, we’ll continue the story next week, if we can.

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