“Persevere” said Charles Morgan


Charles Morgan was a news commentator on radio station KPFK here in Los Angeles, back in the 1960s and 70s.  He usually ended his broadcasts with “‘Persevere’, this is Charles Morgan”. I used to really enjoy his ultra-left wing views on everything, both foreign and domestic, usually a message about the working man or woman crept in to his commentaries, along with a pro-Union diatribe. I miss his tough stance, as tough as any Republican commentator today, and better educated. Anyway “Persevere” is a good motto. Please continue to “Persevere” on behalf of my friends, Greg Ford and Ronnie Scheib, whose apartment in New York City was nearly completely destroyed by fire last month. If you can give anything, no matter how small, please Paypal me at kausler@att.net, and I will forward it to Greg. Also, PLEASE continue to boycott Arco/BP here in Los Angeles and wherever you may be reading this. Think of all the Brown Pelicans, Dolphins and Sea Turtles who are dead or dying because of this heartless, greedy and reckless corporation’s wasteful drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Think of gasoline pumped out of BP’s tanks as stained red with the blood of innocent wildlife and the future LIFEBLOOD of the region’s fishermen! This week’s Felix strips wind up the Clutching Hand mystery. (11-16 to 11-22-1936) As in the cartoon “Sure-Locked Homes”, the hand is really easily explained, see the 11-20 strip. Messmer leaves the mystery somewhat intact in the 11-21, however. In the Sunday, Felix makes another enemy, this time a musician.


In Krazy this time (5-6 to 5-11-1940), the Coconinians continue to try to impress Mimi the Poodle with their top hats and canes, until she falls for “Antoine” in the 5-11 strip with his “Apache” hat. The little peddler in the last panel is reminiscent of city street hawkers of the early twentieth century, walking around selling used clothing and crying “I Cash Clothes!” They were the mobile Goodwill stores of their day, along with the “Junkman”, who paid a small sum for household refuse, such as old egg beaters. What service! Somebody came to your house, paid you for your recyclable goods and then resold them later. Now, most of us get little or nothing for our “junk”, let’s hope we are at least saving the planet!


Patrick is the full week’s worth of strips this time (2-7 to 2-12-1966). Charles Brubaker commented last time that the Psychiatrist is the only adult actually shown in the strip so far, and I think he is right. The Shrink does an encore in the 2-8. I like the results of Patrick’s “Good Neighbor Policy” in the 2-12.

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