Post Toasties


I came across a small collection of Milt Gross’s “Nize Baby” from 1927 and 1928, mostly from the Los Angeles Examiner. This week’s strip is from 4-10-1927. I don’t have a scanner big enough, so I took digital photos and tried to enhance them as much as I could. These pages are literally falling apart, that’s why the dark chunks showing through. Those chunks are the rug on my floor.  Also from the LA Examiner, I’ve reprinted part of an article called, “Speaking of Wives of Our Great Men” (4-11-1926), illustrated by the creator of the “flypaper sequence” from “Playful Pluto”, Webb Smith! Webb Smith and Bob Kuwahara, creator of “Marvelous Mike” (who is a pretty “nize baby” himself), both worked in the story department at Disney, Smith was more of a concept artist who wrote with his drawings, and Kuwahara was the first Disney story sketch man, who specialized in visualizing scripted words. 

      In the daily strips this week, Krazy Kat (9-11 to 9-16-1939), spends the week doing gags with a pop-up toaster that tosses bricks! Marvelous Mike (4-22 to 4-27-1957) this week concludes Mike’s stint as a stockbroker. The baby genius solves the trucking company mess by getting Tempo trucking to ship produce on Overall’s trucks, thus taking advantage of the lower shipping costs. With his managerial chops, he could be another Fred Hoertel! (Family joke.)

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