Postin’ Dailies


To start out  this time, Felix dailes and Sunday from 8/10 to 8/16/36. Doin’s at the Dooits continue, as Felix is constantly put out and taken in. The 8/13 has a funny finish as Mr. Dooit is banished to the dog house by the Mrs. for burning a hole in her beautiful rug. “Move over, Cat,” says Mr. Dooit to Felix in the final panel.


Krazy is from 1/29 to 2/3/1940 this time. Mostly cartoonist in-jokes this week, as Krazy erases an extra Ignatz in the 1/29, and fills Ig up with ink in the 1/31 so he won’t be so “trensperent”.  I love the Kat language in the 2/2: “Dizzy Poinkmint”, sounds like Mint flavored Pork.


Patrick by Mal Hancock is from 11/1 to 11/5/1965.  Patrick is such a cynical little kid, witness his attitude toward friends in the 11/4, “Not ONE SINGLE FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, sure hope I can keep it that way…” This almost feels like a W.C. Fields line. My friend and reader Jerry Beck likes the “Patrick” strip so far, keep readin’ Mr. Beck! By the way, the reason there are five instead of six dailies in this collection, is that my Dad didn’t work on Saturday, so he didn’t bring home the evening Post-Dispatch that night. Hence a lot of my clipped runs don’t have the Saturday episodes, I was too poor in those days to buy any papers for myself. So far there have been about 20 hits on my recorded “stories”. Not an overwhelming response, but better than no listeners at all. I’ll try to do another one maybe next month.

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