Santa Barbara and Komics


Cathy and I went to Santa Barbara on Sept. 14-17 for the opening of the Oil Painters of America West Coast Regional Small Works show at the Waterhouse Gallery on State Street. Cathy’s small oil painting: “Koi Talk” was accepted into the show. She was thrilled! It’s quite difficult to get into an OPA show, very competitive. If you want to see an image of “Koi Talk”, just click on the link to her website. (It’s listed as “Catherine Hill, fine art page”.) We stayed at an inexpensive motel in town and did paintings of the Santa Barbara Mission on Sunday. When you’re out painting, you lose all track of time, I don’t even know what day it is anymore. I always love painting with my wife; I recommend that you go out and paint with someone you love.

I’ve posted six more KK’s, 11-21 to 11-26-1938. 11-23 and 11-24 feature one of Garge’s beloved scotty dogs that shared his home on Miravilla St. in the Hollywood Hills behind what is now the Hollywood Bowl. In an ideal world this home should be a Herriman Museum and shrine, instead it is still in use as a private home. At least they didn’t tear it down! I remember when one of Garge’s fanciful wooden windmills still decorated the roof, it’s gone now. I’ve also posted the next chapter of Lane Allen’s Diary, and my first attempt at drawing “the cat” on the computer. I used the “Corel Draw” program, it really makes you feel “wall-eyed” to draw with the mouse. Imagine, it took a “mouse” to draw a cat! Although I’m not too fond of the drawing, I kind of like the purity of the color, especially the magenta nose.

I did some DVD commentary for two Oscar honored Tom and Jerry cartoons today over at New Wave Entertainment. They are for a new DVD coming out featuring about 40 Oscar nominated and winning animated shorts. Amid Amidi and Jerry Beck also did some commentaries, and some on-camera interviews. These of course, are the shorts that Warner Bros. has access to, no Columbia or Universal material that I know of.  It’s a good sales hook to put a collection of Academy honored shorts together, but if you have studied the short subject, often the best and most original short films were left out in the cold at Oscar time.

Don’t forget to buy a cel from “It’s ‘The Cat'” for your holiday gift-giving. These may be the LAST production cels offered in this all-digital age in which we find ourselves. I will post some photos in the coming weeks of a few set-ups available for purchase. See you then!

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  1. Mark,

    All the Cel set ups on the main It’s The Cat webpage say Sold Out .

    Will Greg be updating that page or should we just wait to see the new ones you post here on your ‘blog ?

  2. Mark Kausler says:

    Hi Dave,
    It seems Greg is too busy to update our website. He has lots of cels for sale. I have a few that are matted and ready to go. I will post some pix of these set-ups very soon. You know Greg doesn’t even read this blog! But don’t get me wrong, he’s the best friend a cat ever had!

  3. miles says:

    MY HOLY KAT SHAT! what’s the haps beautiful? nice to see you your blogulization of such simple unanimatable ill-sorted dreary heavy staged staunch predictable post surrealistic arcane dried wizened pastey XEROX material….you PHONEY!!! phooey on you and on me of course too, i am playing at being an ass. has it worked? so much more a blurker now am i thanks to you sir truth be told and jest put to rest. you get more and more awesome and i love it! splish splash i was taking a bath in BLACK INDIA INK! hope you’re well. my best to yours and you too! i love what you are sharing here on your own page, apparently you are (as in the big “I AM”) the MAN!!!! it’s what’s on the street nowadays – so i hear and see
    deep heavy twisty tongue kisses always in the back of my american car built with luxury speed and sound

  4. Mark Kausler says:

    Hey Miles!
    You’re messin’ up the food chain! These copies are not Xeroxs, but high quality scans and digital photos, just click on the small images and you will see them displayed in all their high-res GLORY! I love your paintings that you send me images of, good luck with that “La Luz de Jesus” gallery over on Montrose!
    Abiento, Mark

  5. miles says:


    “i hope mr boid does not find me hiding so secretly in this barrel right behind him ha ha ha” – oh how i love you man

    i was kidding all the way around in my post. i know that they are high quality scans and i love the work you love too. the ink is just soooo damn fluid and there is scarcely an artist who can pull that kind of genius craftwork (let’s put the unparalleled genius humor aside for now shall we) together alive/working today. i don’t think it’s because people wouldn’t appreciate it, i suppose it’s because so many people are too lazy to really get involved with their own personal love affair with craft. they’d rather just click and split

    you sir are one of the GREATS! i admire you!

    thanks for all of the kind words sir!
    ps your cels look amazing man!

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