Save the Eagle Rock!

August 16, 2008


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Hi Readers! Currently, we are painting in various locales around the town of Eagle Rock, CA. The big rock that the town is named for is in danger of being blasted out to clear the land for condominiums, so we are trying to raise 70,000 dollars to buy the land around the rock to keep the developers away. Our group is creating paintings of the town to celebrate Eagle Rock and to bring people’s attention to what makes the town special, the Rock! A Gala event on Sept. 13th and 14th at the historic Women’s Temperance League building, will have a live paint-out with many fine artists participating. If you live nearby, come out to the event! I will post more details next week. Or just write to me at  to get a flyer. PLEASE NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THIS BLOG!!! THANK YOU!!!

      This week’s comics are the penultimate page of “A Package For Virgil”, can you stand the suspense? The exciting conclusion to the story will be next week. MARVELOUS MIKE is from 9/10 to 9/15/1956 and concludes the saga of “The Serenader”. Once again, Mike’s talents are ignored and disbelieved and Mike quotes from Sir Walter Scott. Krazy Kat this week is from 1/30 to 2/4/1939. Mostly “Brick Antics”, the little sign on the fence in the 2/3 episode means “Big Flea Circus” in English. There is a freeway offramp near La Jolla called “Las Pulgas”, must be a pretty flea-bitten offramp! The cat’s tail this week is a one page gag from Felix #5 by Jim Tyer starring Felix and Rock (not Bottom, but from “Rock and Rollo”), and the first page of “Clothes Make the Cat” from Felix #6. I love the design of that clock with the little cherubim kittens around it and Kitty’s “Beauty Mark” on her cheek. C.U.

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