Seaport Village and Naples

August 9, 2008


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Hello again, readers. Cathy and I had a most memorable painting experience last Thurs. August 7th. We visited Naples! No, not Italy, but Naples, California.  You can reach this Naples by driving down the 405 freeway south to Studebaker Road. Go right on Studebaker Road and left on Marina Drive. Make a right on 2nd Ave. and proceed to Naples. Naples is a small, hidden little village surrounded by Alamitos Bay. If you walk down a street called “The Toledo”, you will come to bridges that cross over the circular walkway that ambles along by the seawater stream. Walk down these lanes, and you will be transported! The homes, some new, some Victorian and Greek in style, sport balconies that look out over the water. Each home has a little dock in front of it, many with sight-seeing craft anchored there. A lot of the homes have gardens; flower and vegetable. A friendly black cat was napping underneath one of the chairs; he jumped up on the wall when we passed by and rubbed his head on our hands, then took a playful swipe at us with his paw, meowing in a raspy tone. Naples, California rivals Venice, California both in charm and how human housing can interact with the sea. Ideal painting spots would be up on the bridges to get a wide view of the sea canals, boats and homes. My poor powers of description can’t match the joy of being there, come and look! We didn’t actually paint in Naples on Thurs. but instead parked along Marina Drive and set up by Alamitos Bay in the boatowner’s area. The Harbor Police are there, as are many restaurants. We painted a sailboat race from Naples to the breakwater, and a beautiful yacht anchored nearby with highly polished wooden trim all over it. It was great painting weather, until the wind came up and pushed us (the Thursday Painting group) off our bayside perch. Bring your sketchbooks to Alamitos Bay and Naples (they are in Long Beach), very soon. It’s another little corner of beauty in the ugly and lovely County of Los Angeles.

     This week’s comics are pages three and four of “A Package For Virgil” from Cathy’s MAD RACCOONS #7.  Virgil the raccoon was one of the featured characters in the comic books, he could go from placid to manic in a few panels, as you see here.  Mangy is the co-star, but you’ll have to wait to see her. There are only 5 episodes of MARVELOUS MIKE this week, from 9/4/56 to 9/8. 9/3 is missing, donations gladly accepted! “The Serenader” storyline continues, with Cliff hiding from the mob while Mike plays on. Krazy Kat this week is the complete week’s strips from 1/23 to 1/28/39. I really like 1/25, as Herriman makes fun of his own laziness by not completing the last panel, and making a gag out of it. The only real continuity in this week’s KK’s are 1/27 and 1/28 in which Krazy meets two fireflies, one widowed and one with a wet husband. I have also re-printed the final two pages of Jim Tyer’s “Some-Her” from Felix the Cat #5. My favorite panels are Felix socking the bully on page four and his big reaction to the mischievous kittens on page five. Enjoy the strips! Any reactions may be sent to

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