six more disturbed felis cattus comics!


Here are some more “Kats” for you. I love all the “Ko-Stars” in the strip like the auctioneer in 7-23, the pipe smoking bear in 7-25, the sun peeking from behind a black cloud in 7-26 and the confused snake emerging from the hole in 7-27 (yet another hole in the Coconino Kanvas for something to stick through).  It was a great week, on Monday, 5-14 I was invited to do audio commentary for two of the Oswald cartoons in the Disney Treasures DVD series release coming soon. I won’t tell you exactly which cartoons I did, but here’s some hints, one of the cartoons was inspired by Lindbergh’s flight to Paris and the other cartoon features schoolyard antics by Oswald and a rival cat. I got to use my cutting continuities for these films, and gave credit to Rollin (Ham) Hamilton, Hugh Harman’s co-animator on the Oswalds. Hugh called Ham “one of the greatest animators who ever lived”, or words to that effect, crediting Ham with finding Oswald’s inner character. See the next pose for more fun from this past week.

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